Graduated from an engineering school in France, I accompanied the IT transformation of large international groups. Most of these rationalization programs involved the entire information system of my clients.

The experience of these strategic technical and business "mega-programs", whose human impact was considerable built me deeply ... and shaken me!

J’interviens aujourd’hui en accompagnement des dirigeants et des équipes, seule ou en partenariat avec des cabinets qui comme moi mettent toute leur énergie au service d’une évolution en conscience de leur organisation.


For higher performance

During these 30 years of accompanying the digital revolutions, I have put my creativity and energy at the service of our clients for an ever more reactive and efficient performance.

...but at what cost?

I was also increasingly questioning the human cost of these waves of transformation.

Vivid Teams

For all of us in these programs,clients, partners, colleagues, it is the strength of our cooperation and shared sense that carried the adventure ... or not!

The "reinventing organizations" journey

In 2015, I have chosen to explore the achievements of organizations that are opening up to another way of growing, "liberating" or "Teal" in the sense of Frédéric Laloux's research in Reinventing Organizations.

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